Mark Roper

Mark Roper - Director

Tim Mark began his film career in 1982 in South Africa as a screenwriter for SABC 1 and 2, writing the acclaimed documentary "Bone of Contention" as well as magazine programmes. He later went on to write the drama series "Trucking" and "Timber" for English Drama as well as Hot Snow. Mark became a First Assistant director on numerous international feature films for many years allowing him the insight to all aspects of feature filmmaking.

He wrote and directed "Dancing in the Forest" in the late 1980's starring Ian Roberts and Darren Dalton. As a result, Mark became a full time director and writer developing a strong relationship with Nu-Image, Keller Entertainment, GFT and Towers of London and over the years he has directed some sixteen feature films and fifty hours of television.

He has directed the likes of David Warner, Janet Leigh, Robert Downey Jnr., Ross Kemp, Billy Zane, Richard Greco, Val Kilmer, John Cusack and others in a diverse range of films in South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom where he has recently directed prime time dramas for BBC 1 and ITV 1, including the highly profitable show, "Ultimate Force".

Penka Kouneva

Penka Kouneva - Music Director

Penka Kouneva is a Sundance Composer Fellow and a rising Hollywood film composer who blends her native Eastern-European influences with modern orchestra, medieval chant, rock, and electronica. Recently, she composed additional score for the video games "PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE FORGOTTEN SANDS," "GEARS OF WAR 3," "A4" and "TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN" working alongside the TRANSFORMERS composer Steve Jablonsky.  Her solo scores include the feature film MIDNIGHT MOVIE, the crime drama THE THIRD NAIL, the Sci-Fi Channel creature horror ICE SPIDERS and TV music for FORENSIC FILES on CourtTV, DOG FIGHTS and MODERN MARVELS. Penka has also scored five documentaries, including the environmental film FLORIDA KEYS. Penka's music is known for its emotional, haunting and soulful tone.

Penka is also an Orchestrator and Lead Orchestrator on films: TRANSFORMERS 1, 2, 3, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3, HOSTEL I and II, Tim Burton's "9", SHERLOCK HOLMES, ANGELS AND DEMONS, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, YOUR HIGHNESS, the hit TV shows TRUE BLOOD, REVENGE, etc.  She has orchestrated on the games GEARS OF WAR 2, 3, SIMS 3, TRANSFORMERS (for Steve Jablonsky), Blizzard's WORLD OF WARCRAFT, STARCRAFT II and DIABLO III (for Neal Acree), and DRAGON AGE 2, LOTR: WAR IN THE NORTH and TELARA (for Inon Zur).

Penka Kouneva has since been honored with WorldFest's Platinum Remi for Best Score, the Aaron Copland Award, the Sundance Institute Composer Lab Fellowship, Meet the Composer Award and numerous Artist Fellowships.

Jody Friedman

Jody Friedman - Music supervisor

Jody Friedman is an experienced music supervisor, publisher, songwriter and artist (as Jody Aaron).

His company, HD Music Now publishes a catalog of over 12,000 songs and regularly licenses music for film, tv, ads, video games and trailers. Jody has supervised several feature films such as “Don’t Fade Away” starring Mischa Barton & Beau Bridges, “Camp Hell” starring Jessie Eisenberg & Andrew McCarthy, “Three Veils” starring Eric Avari and more recently served as music coordinator on “Cavemen” starring Skylar Astin & Camille Belle.

He is currently serving as music supervisor for the films, “Strictly Salsa” & “Waiting for the Drop”.

In 2013, he self-released his debut EP, produced by Grammy Winning, Multi- Platinum Producer, Scott Mathews (Beach Boys, Zac Brown, Johnny Cash). The Acoustic Rock EP is reminiscent of early Paul McCartney, Cat Stevens, Dave Matthews and even Nick Drake.

Jody has garnered several awards for his songwriting, including winning first place at CNN International Talent Competition which was televised on various CNN programs.

Based in Orange County, California, Jody travels to Nashville yearly to write with other charting songwriters. When not traveling or working, he spends time with his wife, Samantha, his son, Jude and their two pups, Amaya & Dexter.

Derek Suter

Derek Suter - Director of photography

Derek Suter - DOP, London United Kingdom. A veteran DOP of the British film industry with an extensive international career.

Taraq Qureshi

Taraq Qureshi - Producer

Taraq Qureshi is an international independent motion picture and Film producer, having 1.5 decades of film industry experience backed by many courses from prestigious institutions like Raindance, Four Corners Workshop, and Theatre Venture etc.

My career journey started with theatre and consequently moves to film making. I involved myself as producer and / or investor in short films and features. Today I am an international independent motion picture and Film producer. I make commercially successful feature films and niche market films.

Inspiring quote for me is "Success is not an event but the result of continuous Smart Work with Strong Determination and Visionary directions".
"Art for art sake, money for God sake"

Willi Kamarad

Willi Kamarad - Producer

The production company DREAMFILMS GMBH was founded 2003 by Willi Kamarad. He run successfully a media store in Murnau/Germany (1988-2012) and can therefore very good estimate the taste of the customers. Since 2005 he works as a sales agent for international DVD and TV licenses.

2011 Producer "The Wrong Man" (Germany)
April/May 2012 Production Manager "The Broken Crown" (Italy/Germany)
July/August 2012 Unit Manager "Bullying's End" (Germany)
2013 Producer "Cerusit 3D" (Germany)

Dessy Sims

Dessy Sims - Producer

Dessy Sims has more then 20 years of experience in the film industry in different capacities. She has launched into film producing to pursue her passion for the art and craft of cinematic art.

Dessy Sims studied at the European Film College in Ebeltoft / Denmark and worked in various positions in local as well as international film productions.

Dessy Sims was Executive Assistant to the CEO of Nu Boyana Film Studios (2008-2013), a NuImage/Millennium subsidiary after which she left to pursue her filmmaking passion.

Evgeniya Rakitina-Qureshi

Evgeniya Rakitina-Qureshi - Writer/Producer

Evgeniya Rakitina-Qureshi is a professor PhD at Varna Free University in the field of Information Technology. Author of over 30 novels, many of which follow the saga of a secret brotherhood of immortal magicians, through ancient times and in the present age. Co-author of the screenplay "Victoria", which won the competition of and is currently in pre-production. Author of the screenplay "Strictly Salsa".