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Movie Info

Logline: Oppressed, alone and motherless, Vicki is ruled by her father. She discovers the world of Latin salsa but her happiness is marred by homelessness and a revelation about her long forgotten mother which leads her to an agonizing choice between Salsa, her family and love.

Tagline: Catch the Vibe of your heart, dance for your life!

Release Date: 2014

Genre: Dance/Romance/Drama

Locations: Varna (Bulgaria), London (UK), Miami (USA)

Synopsis: Vicki oppressed and alone without friends and a mother, seeks to find a way out from under the tyrannical rule of her divorced father and discovery her true self.
Once accidentally walking into a Salsa Latino party, Sunny is captivated by the vibe of the music as it starts flowing in her veins and living in her heart, forcing her to fight for her freedom and to face the challenge to reject the tyranny of her father and to reveal his true personality.
An encounter with an old childhood friend leads her to discovery the passionate and romantic world of Latin Salsa but her quest lands her homeless and in turmoil facing the onslaught of not one, but two lovelorn suitors who bear uncomfortable traits, one a brash young American the other a naïve and ambitious Salsa dancer.
She rises to the challenge of her suitors and determines to win the next big national salsa competition, but the shocking revelation of her long forgotten mother threatens to shatter her new world and her dream of becoming the next Salsa champion.

Countries of distribution: STRICTLY SALSA is a low budget motion picture produced for theatrical exhibition in the United States, Great Britain, Latin America, Europe, far east, Australia.
Producer: Taraq Mahmood Qureshi

Writer: Evgeniya Vladimirova Rakitina-Qureshi

Websites: www.strictlysalsamovie.com

Director's Vision

Strictly salsa will not only capture the physical dance, but it will follow a young woman's emotional journey of self discovery -- a journey that will take the audience into a fantasy world that is supported by the rhythm of music, drama and the desire of a young woman to fulll not only her own dream, but the dreams of an audience.

Producers' Vision

Dance films as a sub genre have performed well through-out the international markets. The theme of Latin Salsa dance coupled with passionate music makes it a project of great interest and brings to the film an already established audience. It is orientated as a niche market film with a potential to be a breakthrough hit encompassing the use of social media to reach an already identifiable and accessible target audience worldwide. The film provides all round Family entertainment, with great dance numbers, thrilling music and a heart breaking love story.